Beata Kapcewicz

Beata Kapcewicz

President at Momentum Way, Board and HR Advisor

President at Momentum Way, Business Trainer and Coach, TEDx Speaker, Author of 4 books on leadership and personal brand building.
As an entrepreneur, leader and manager she brought 9 companies to life, 3 of which became recognized and highly regarded in the Polish market. For the past 10 years she has been a business trainer, Executive Coach, book author and Chairman of the Management Board at the Momentum Way Group. Provides expert and coaching support to management boards, managers, entrepreneurs and other trainers to help them change their personal and professional lives. Has long standing experience in creating and conducting development programmes for managers in Poland and abroad, organising workshops and giving power speeches to business professionals during public conferences and closed sessions. Led projects in Poland, Germany, Norway, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Middle American countries. Her programmes are in Polish and English. She is also fluent in German.

At Momentum Way she has been developing original programmes and the Momentum Method workshop methodology, which is built upon her experience and the latest psychological findings.